Empower Racing Pty Ltd is one of the most trusted professional trainers in Lara

Training fees are as follows:

Training        $94.50 per day

Pre Training $70 per day

Breaking in  $60 per day

Agistment    $28.50 per day

Training fees are capped at $40,000* per year, this includes everything from training, vet, dentist, chiro, farrier, race days, trials and anything else that your horse may need.

*NOTE: This price excludes any major vet expenses such as surgeries

From there the break down is as follows:

  • 100% $40,000 per year $3,333* per month

  • 50%  $20,000 per year  $1,666* per month

  • 10%  $4,000 per year    $333* per month

*NOTE: Some months may come in less with your horse spelling and some may come in higher if they are racing consistently however, it does average out to the above figures.


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